Gain a better understanding of the pond and its seasons.
Gather data that help preserve and enhance the pond's ecosystem.
Work with famiy, friends, or on your own.

Short Term Opportunities - If you only have a few hours...
    Purple Loose strife Pulling Brigade
    On weekends in May and June, we will again meet to pull up loose-strife plants from the edge of the pond. These beautiful purple flowers, if allowed to grow unimpeded, would slowly turn Chandler Pond into a meadow. Help us keep their growth in check.

    Plant Survey
    In the beginning of August, volunteers needed to help record the condition of the plants in our pond, observing the variety, abundance, and health of plant species.

Longer Term Opportunities - We need volunteers willing to head these long term projects. Training and equipment will be provided.
    Water Quality Monitoring: (2 hours/month)
    Test the water quality of the pond. You will record information on pH balance, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and algae growth.

    Bird Survey:
    Maintain a record of bird species that inhabit or visit our pond.

    Macro-invertebrate (translation: "bugs") Study:
    The appearance or disappearance of certain species of invertebrates are indicators of the health of the pond. Monitoring their presence or absence provides an early warning system. A perfect job for the right parent-supervised children!

Contact Bill King at 617-787-0165

Photo by: Richard Wood

Newsletter - Published three times a year. Skills needed: planning, coordinating, writing, interviewing, research, distribution.

Education/Ecology - Planning and implementing informational programs for the community and CPPS members and keeping the membership current on the well-being of the Chandler Pond & Park. Skills needed: planning, advertisement, record keeping, writing, mailings.

Fund Raising - Planning activities, writing grants and letters of inquiry. Skills needed: planning, research, reporting, writing, follow-up.

Public Relations - Notifying the press regarding open meetings and providing information about the Pond and CPPS. Skills needed: planning, writing, record keeping, telephone, follow-up.

Sign up at the annual meeting or contact us by
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